It’s all going to be okay…

I had some highway time yesterday and did some praying on the current situation our nation is facing. because “uncertainty” and “fear” have become common themes in 2020. I honestly went to bed last night pretty pretty concerned about what today might bring, but this morning I was having my coffee and had a moment of clarity... Jesus showed up and … [Read more...]

A Father’s Love…

My two year old, Spencer, was running through the house the other night like any normal two year old would be doing, only stopping long enough to get a foothold on something that he wants to climb on top of, totally running 99 miles per hour the entire time. Donna and I were in the living room talking and all of a sudden we heard a loud thud, the … [Read more...]

Video: Our Story of Hope

About six months ago Donna and I were approached by NLC Creative to do a video interview with us where we openly discussed losing our daughter and adopting our son. This past weekend the video was shown at all NLC campuses around the state leading up to the new series for Easter weekend titled, "A Story of Hope". Donna and I have been pretty … [Read more...]

The Gift of Shelby Mae…

As I sit in my office with 954 emails in my inbox, 71 unread text messages, and countless tweets and Facebook messages that are unanswered I keep asking myself where do I even start. One one hand I am totally ready to get dive back into my daily role at Pleth with both feet but at the same time I am having the hardest time concentrating. For those … [Read more...]

School Teachers

Someone forwarded me this email, I usually trash emails like this without reading them because I simply don’t have the time but for some reason this one caught my eye.  I thought it was worthy of reposting: After being interviewed by the administration, the prospective teacher said: Let me see if I've got this right. 'You want me to go into that … [Read more...]

Allocating Personal Time / Priorities

Part of my ritual everyday is reading a daily devotional that is waiting on me in my inbox each morning from Streaming Faith.  Some mornings I read these and then move right onto email roll into my inbox from another client so I immediately went from the first phone call right into another phone conversation with the second client, I usually … [Read more...]

Video: #UR09 Friday Night (excerpt)

We streamed video tonight from The Church Alive during our Unlimited Realm Conference.  Over the course of the evening we had 799 sessions where viewers tuned into our services via the Internet.  At one time we had close to 100 people watching and communicating with each other in the chatroom. It was an awesome evening of ministry, … [Read more...]

YouVersion Bible Reading Plan

I wanted to share a resource w/ my readers that I am really impressed with.  It’s a web service called YouVersion that is basically a bible resource website that allows you a lot of functionality, including quickly looking up a verse in several different translations and languages but the feature that I am real impressed with is their 1 year … [Read more...]