Relaunched: Discountabetes™ (beta)

We are currently in the process of relaunching™ this month. There are some exciting new upgrades to the order process that are being implemented that will allow new visitors to simply select how many times per day they test their blood sugar to select the package that's right for them. Feel free to checkout the new website as … [Read more...]

Press Release: Rohrscheib Leaves Pleth to Launch Rohrscheib Capital

Entrepreneur Cotton Rohrscheib announced today that he was stepping down from Pleth, an agency he co-founded a decade ago, to pursue other opportunities. “This is something I’ve prayed about for a while now and I think it’s the right time,” said Rohrscheib. Since 2000, Mr. Rohrscheib has been active in the expansion of the web in Central … [Read more...]