Forcing Sidebar Widgets to Display Before the Content Area in Responsive Mode w/ Genesis Framework

I had a client request to have his sidebar widgets load before his content area on his wordpress website and while I knew it had to be possible, I'd never done that before so I did some investigating and discovered that it is possible w/ Genesis Framework / Child Themes, just add this code to your functions.php file (or in Genesis > Custom Code … [Read more...]

New Responsive Child Theme for Genesis Framework: The Cotton Club

Typically I like to do a redesign of this blog each year, and I've known in my head exactly what I wanted to do with this iteration for quite some time, unfortunately, I've been pretty busy and haven't had the spare time to dedicate to this project. Recently, I forced myself to sit down and code out this new design, The Cotton Club v3.0. I've … [Read more...]

Pleth Website Redesign!!!

I have had so many things going on lately that I haven't had time to brag on our team at Pleth for doing an amazing job on our new website redesign! I honestly can't remember how long this project has been in the works because every time the guys would get some free time to work on our website we would get busy all over again with a new wave of … [Read more...]