SEC Suspends Officials from Arkansas-Florida Game

I made the comment to someone today that I don’t think that I have ever seen a more pathetic job of officiating than I did this past weekend when Arkansas got cheated, on several occasions, by the officiating crew.  I am not for sure if these guys were extremely bias towards Florida, or maybe have some sort of man-crush on Tim Tebow, but … [Read more...]

My Observations from the Razorback Opener

This past week has been a blur for me so I apologize for the late post regarding the Razorback opening game.  My wife’s grandfather passed away a few days prior to the game so we naturally weren’t in the right frame of mind going into the game but we quickly perked up after the kickoff in which we ran the ball all the way back for a touchdown. … [Read more...]

Ryan Mallett Hysteria

After watching Ryan Mallett back when he was with Michigan I was impressed with him, upon learning that he was an Arkansas native I got mad at Houston Nutt all over again for not recruiting this kid.  Well, fast forward a few years and he’s wearing a Razorback jersey now and Houston is at that community college over in Oxford, I am a much … [Read more...]

SEC Ban on Social Media

Okay, so the SEC doesn’t get social media.  Actually I think it is one of those cases where CBS feels threatened by social media and the SEC feels threatened that CBS will want out of their $3 billion contract.  I only see this blowing up for them in the long run. This morning Bryan Jones asked on Twitter how this was going to be … [Read more...]

Coach Petrino’s Comments

Mark Edwards from Today’sTHV posted some of Coach Petrino’s comments on his blog yesterday, I thought they were worth reposting.  It sounds like things are starting to come together for the Hogs.  I am really looking forward to seeing Ryan Mallett take the field as a Razorback this year. By the way, if you are interested in learning more … [Read more...]

Razorback Football Practice Reports

I have two Razorback Football Practice Reports that were emailed to me over the weekend, thought that those of you who follow the Hogs might be interested in seeing these.  It sounds like the team is starting to come together.  I already have tickets for the season opener in Little Rock and I could not be more excited. I am really looking forward … [Read more...]

Mojo the Hog-Dawg!

I just thought that this was too funny not to post.  This is our Chihuaha Mojo, that stays with my parents.  He is absolutely spoiled rotten too and probably has one of the worst dispositions known to man.  He can go from adorable to insane in a matter of seconds.  This is one of his more adorable moments. … [Read more...]

Petrino quits Falcons to take Arkansas job

My sources hit me with this information about 4:30 - 5:00 this afternoon and after all that we have been through w/ Arkansas' Coach Search I had to flip it on ESPN for verification and sure enough they were reporting it also so there must be some validity to the story...  This is a good hire in my opinion, now hopefully we can pick up the … [Read more...]

Arkansas Football Coach Search Drags On

In case you haven't heard already, we (University of Arkansas) have been turned down by another Division One Head Coach for our Head Football Coach Position.  Here's verification from The Associated Press: Arkansas Football Coach Search Drags On.  Here's an excerpt: Wake Forest's Jim Grobe was the latest to turn down the Razorbacks after … [Read more...]

Houston Nutt Video!

This is a pretty funny video that Joey sent me this morning, apparently it's been floating around for a while.  I am trying to bite my tongue until the end of the season on the whole Houston Nutt / Arkansas thing but thought that this was worthwhile putting up.  Someone definitely spent a lot of time on this... … [Read more...]