Recent Additions to Tech Portfolio

I recently dusted off my E*TRADE account and began trading again, my portfolio needed some updating for sure. About a year or so ago I got out of many tech stocks that I was into pretty heavy and did some serious diversification. What I found recently was that my earnings really weren't any better than when I was tech-heavy. Long story short, I … [Read more...]

Converting to Add to Cart Button (PayPal)

While talking with a pro bono client today they were wondering how hard it would be to add an “add to cart” button instead of a single item “buy now” button on their site.  At the time their website was developed (approximately 7 years ago) they only offered one item for sale.  Of course 7 years later they now have 5 items they sell … [Read more...]

Integrate PayPal Recurring Subscriptions / Payments

From time to time I do some pro bono consulting for non-profit organizations and lately I had one such client that I had worked for several years ago reach out to me for advise on setting up a subscription based service solution using PayPal as the payment gateway. Being forced to reacquaint myself with the solution I wrote for the client almost 4 … [Read more...]

PayPal XSS Vulnerability (EV SSL)

PayPal fell victim to a cross-site scripting vulnerability this past week.  Basically it would allow hackers to carry out a few tasks such as stealing credentials from users as well as displaying their own content.  PayPal, in my opinion, has always done a good job in terms of staying up on security risks over the years, especially given … [Read more...]