WordPress 3.6 Upgrade w/ jQuery (old version) Issues & Plugin Fix

So apparently Wordpress 3.6 has made some improvements / modifications to it's core and comes w/ the newest version of jQuery which is v1.10.2, needless to say there are some plugins out there that are going to have issues w/ this. I've discovered a few already in the wild from a few client sites that I've updated so I went in search of a fix for … [Read more...]

Bug: Ether Builder – Leaking Drafts + Trash in Standard WordPress Search Results (Updated)

Update 08/23/12: I received a tweet this evening from Lucas that he had fixed the issues related to Wordpress search leaking content from drafts and trash. I have sent him some additional information related to the issues we've been experiencing w/ IE recently, I'm hoping we can get that resolved as well. I'm setting up an identical sandbox … [Read more...]

Ether Content Builder & Elegant Builder

Obviously there are times when it's very convenient to drop jQuery into a page or a post to present information a little differently. Well, as many of you that have tangled w/ Wordpress in the past probably are already aware, there's just not an easy way to go about this that can be passed onto your clients (or at least not that I have found -- … [Read more...]

Demo – Adding Featured Content (articleimg & thumbnail)

In this video demonstration I walk you through the process of adding Featured Content to your website or blog.  The Featured Content area, as shown in the video, is the centerpiece of your website where Images are scrolled through and content is pulled in from each featured post and displayed in a layer above the image.  Visitors to your … [Read more...]

jQuery Javascript Library

I have known about this library for a little while now but haven't ever really taken the time to get my mind around it.  My partner Greg and I were looking at some  projects today that were built using MODx and noticed some pretty cool behaviors on different pages.  We started looking a little deeper and found that it was … [Read more...]

Anatomy of an Ajax Application

I really enjoy these web reference articles on different things, I have picked up a lot of good php info from them in the past and it seems like they are putting out some good ajax oriented stuff as well.  I strongly recommend this website to anyone in the development community... Link to Anatomy of an Ajax Application - … [Read more...]