Cotton Rohrscheib, CEO

Cotton Rohrscheib is the CEO of Rohrscheib Capital Partners. Over the past 20 years he has been associated with numerous projects in the IT, Healthcare, and Agriculture industries. Born a serial entrepreneur, Cotton has personally been involved in several startups, product launches, and brand acquisitions during his career and has consulted on hundreds of projects for clients around the world. Today he still services the marketing and consulting needs for clients while trying to maintain a healthy balance between work and being a good husband and father to his wife, Donna, and their son, Spencer.

Newman is back, but it’s not a comeback – Jun 5, 2007

Gosh, I have criticized one Penske driver this morning already because he ticked me off for messing w/ Smoke yesterday on pit road and am fixing to praise his teammate but that's how it goes, I have been a Ryan Newman fan for a long time now, every since he started driving cup I have liked him.  He has always done extremely well in qualifying, the … [Read more...]

Stewart’s crew smoking after pit hazard with Busch – Jun 4, 2007

Kurt Busch pulled yet another Bonehead Move in yesterday's race, almost hitting one of Tony Stewart's pit crew members.  I remember when Jimmy Spencer popped him in the noggin for acting stupid a few years ago, it made my day.  I kinda wish that Smoke would have jumped out and put a pop-knot on his head too after this stunt.  I am not for sure … [Read more...]

Waltrip ends futility streak at Dover – Jun 1, 2007

I am sooo glad that Michael Waltrip finally qualified for a race, it's horrible to think that he has been gone for the last 11 races this year, I know that that has got to be hard for a new team to explain to their sponsors, even strong relationships like Michael Waltrip and Napa could easily become strained when you fail to qualify for 11 races in … [Read more...]

Microsoft Surface

Who in the world thinks of this stuff?  I have no idea how well this thing is going to be embraced by the business consumers out there but for me personally I wouldn't mind having one of these in my living room to play with.   If you haven't already seen this thing, be sure to follow this Link to Microsoft Surface … [Read more...]

Mark Martin to Drive Jeff Gordon’s Ride?

Just ran across this post on Blount's Blitz that says that Mark Martin will likely fill in for Jeff Gordon and drive the 24 Dupont Chevrolet if Jeff is unable to race the weekend his baby is born.  Talk about weird, that will likely be the only time in my life that I ever pull for the 24 car to win a race... Link to ESPN - Blount's Blitz: Chase … [Read more...]

Microsoft Cuts Another Open Source Deal

Another story where Microsoft is embracing Commercial Open Source software.  This is related to XANDROS an open sourced desktop OS that is becoming more and more popular, my business partner is currently running it and has had nothing but good things to say about it so far.  I have researched it as an option for my development testing machine and … [Read more...]

Do Your Karate…

This is a hilarious video from Poland of all places of some animal show where they bring in a Bear who is supposed to be all lovable and tame but he quickly turns on the lady and mauls her.  Fortunately I think that everyone made it out okay but it sure does make for a pretty funny minute and a half.  Notice the Man with the Stick and his valuable … [Read more...]


This is a new site provided by Amazon and powered more or less by the community at large, probably mostly sellers in their marketplace.  Since I am a frequent buyer of Photography Equipment and Literature I was directed to this Q&A Page, this is kind of like going up to a person behind the counter at  a camera store and asking questions before … [Read more...]

Active Content and Cookies

Many people browse the Internet without much thought to what is happening behind the scenes. Active content and cookies are common elements that may pose hidden risks when viewed in a browser or email client. What is active content? To increase functionality or add design embellishments, web sites often rely on scripts that execute programs within … [Read more...]

Audi Wins Again at Lime Rock!

In case you didn't get to see it, Chip Herr and Team Audi won at Lime Rock today, they left the BMW's, Porsche's and Acura's in the dust as usual, but what was so cool was watching how much better control the Audi guys had over their cars, total dominance... Link to Auto Racing Daily : Herr On Touring Car Victory at Lime Rock: “Every Time I’ve … [Read more...]