Wicked Cool Perl Scripts

I want to compliment Steve Oualline for writing a good article that has some perl hacks to help debug CGI programs that you write.  I personally am not a big CGI / Perl programmer but have worked with some in the past and I know how powerful Perl can be to take a lot of data and parse it into dynamically created pages.  The only drawback that I … [Read more...]

Make Your Free Trials Irresistable…

I am currently in the process now of creating some demos of software applications that I have written and I found this article offered up some good tips for creating effective demos for clients and potential clients alike to signup for and deploy for testing.  Link to Vitamin Features » Create an irresistible free trial for your app … [Read more...]

Web Crash 2007…

It's good to take a break every now and then and have a laugh, this is a pretty funny video someone forwarded me a while back.  Gosh, and some people would go right along with this if they saw it. ha. … [Read more...]

Paint.NET – Free Photo Editing Software for Windows

I have to admit that I was a little hesitant to try a new graphics software program, I am still using Jasc Paintshop Pro 8 (I think that they are on v10 now).  I have the new software, Corel Paintshop X and Photoshop CS2 but just like the way I can get around a lot quicker inside of my older version of Jasc.  This Paint software is a viable option … [Read more...]

Microsoft Live Writer (beta)

Chris Leeds turned me onto this cool tool and I have to say that as always he has stumbled upon something very cool that will positively impact the way I do things. :-)  Thanks Chris. … [Read more...]

Linux Server Load Averages Explained

This is another good resource from WHIR explaining Linux Server Load Balancing which can sometimes be confusing to grasp, or at least was for me once upon a time.  Linux Server Load Averages Explained … [Read more...]

Cool JavaScript Tools…

These JavaScript code-generating tools make creating useful JavaScript code a snap. Ranging from the Doc's bookmarklet's tool, to rollovers, and menus (popup and hierarchical), these tools can help you enhance your site in a jiffy. Bookmarklets Perhaps the best kept secret in JavaScript, bookmarklets are one-line scripts attached to links that are … [Read more...]

ASPRunner Professional (New Release)

My favorite IDE Manufacturer has came out w/ their newest release for ASP.  I can attest to their PHP IDE products being first class.  I foresee Xline being one of the top IDE's on the market in only a short period of time just because they are very fast to support their products and their products make sense, and take into consideration that as a … [Read more...]

What’s Different in Expression Web Beta 1

I posted a comment on the Expression Web Team's MSDN Blog about the Preview Pane missing in the Expression Release Candidate but haven't gotten a note back from them aas of yet.  Apparently they haven't got any plans on adding this to the Expression web product.  It's a shame because I could honestly see our firm using this development suite almost … [Read more...]

Pleth makes Holiday Donation…

The partners and associates of Pleth Networks, LLC, an Arkansas based web-hosting and web development firm, have partnered with The Church Alive in Conway, Arkansas to help make the holidays special for a needy family in their area. The partners of Pleth Networks have purchased various food items that will be used in tandem with other assorted … [Read more...]