Our 2020 Raised Bed Garden

This was our second year to plant a raised bed garden at our place in Conway. What I lacked last season in production was balanced out with a tremendous amount of education when it comes to "square foot gardening." Last season I ran into some issues w/ my tomatoes, cucumbers, and melons because of disease. This season I did a lot more … [Read more...]

2019 Season Recap: Planting Kodiak Mustard in our Central Arkansas Raised Beds as a Cover Crop

Once my 2019 raised bed garden was pretty well finished I cleaned and tilled my beds and placed all of the remaining materials into compost and began researching cover crops. I have had the privilege of working w/ multiple commercial growers the past few years that utilize cover crops on their large scale farming operations and the science (as well … [Read more...]

2019 Season Recap: Raised Bed Garden in Conway, Arkansas

I wanted to throw a quick post up to show the progress of our first raised bed garden at our home in Central Arkansas. The photos below show the progression from started seeds to transplanted into the raised beds. It's important to keep in mind that we learned more in our first year than we yielded, and had a blast doing it. If you have any … [Read more...]