Stay tuned for Storm Stories on Weather Channel this October…

Last month I had the opportunity to spend some time w/ the crew from 'Storm Stories' on the weather channel to film an upcoming episode that will feature the Mayflower / Vilonia tornado. Be sure to stay tuned to my social media (facebook and twitter) for episode details, etc. I'm told by the film crew that the show will likely air in October. Make … [Read more...]

Remembering Lance Russell

Note: If you were a fan of Memphis Wrestling I highly recommend my friend, Mark James, Books! I woke up early this morning to a barrage of messages on my phone from my "wrestling buddies" offering condolences and tributes to Lance Russell, the legendary announcer that was the voice of "Memphis Rasslin'" back in the day. Lance had a very … [Read more...]

Old School Memphis Rasslin’ in Tunica…

I would be remiss if I didn't take a few minutes to mention that I had an awesome time the other night in Tunica, Mississippi hanging out w/ some of my childhood heroes! I've mentioned several times in the past that while some kids were into Bugs Bunny & the Roadrunner, my Saturday mornings were consumed w/ Championship Wrestling on Channel 5 … [Read more...]

Saturday Mornings Meant Rasslin’

This morning my son and I were hard at work in the kitchen taking Tupperware bowls out of their designated drawer and tossing them about the room, this is a favorite pastime of his, in fact there's a new YouTube video posted showing him doing just that. I got to thinking this morning how much fun he and I are going to have as he gets older, there … [Read more...]

Memphis Heat: The Story of Memphis Wrasslin’

Growing up in the mid-south during the 70's and 80's, every kid I knew was glued to Memphis Wrestling every Saturday morning at 11am on WMC-TV5. I can vividly remember sitting in the floor with my dad watching Jerry Lawler do battle with bad guys like The Dream Machine, Austin Idol, Handsome Jimmy Valiant or any other bad guy Jimmy Hart had brought … [Read more...]