Lance Wolak named CMO of dotStrategy. Company Acquires Second Trademark.

There was some exciting news this past week from .buzz CEO Bill Doshier. Lance Wolak has been named the CMO of dotStrategy and the company had acquired it's second trademark! Here's the official post from dotStrategy CEO, Bill Doshier: Today as we start the third year of .buzz, I’m very pleased to announce that Lance Wolak has been named Chief … [Read more...]

Startup.Buzz to Launch in 2016!

One of the projects that we will bring online in 2016 featuring .buzz is This crowdfunding website will allow startups to list their projects and provide information to the general public. If visitors are interested in any of these projects they have the ability of requesting additional information or making an investment in the … [Read more...]

Current Projects: Music BuzzPages

We have been recently working with our partners at .buzz to put together a comprehensive package of bundled services for upcoming artists, musicians, and bands. The project is called: Music BuzzPages and you can learn more at: in a few days.  The really cool part of this project is that we've actually been working with some of … [Read more...]

Toadsuck Daze & #LaunchPad w/ MC Hammer – Sponsored by Pleth & .Buzz

This years Toadsuck Daze festival was probably the best one I can ever remember attending. Don't get me wrong, I've never attended a bad one, each year seems to outperform previous years, but there was just something special about this year. The entertainment was top-notch w/ Mac Powell from Third Day, Sawyer Brown, and of course the headliner was … [Read more...]

A Very Successful Launch for .buzz

As many of you are already aware (because I promoted the crap out of it here and on Facebook), Pleth assisted our client, Buzz, launch their TLD last week on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas. It was a huge success, we had a great turnout, seven people won Google tablets, hundreds of free .buzz domains were given away (for those of … [Read more...]

Breaking News: Pleth and .Buzz to Sponsor $15k LaunchPad 2014 Business Start-Up Competition w/ MC Hammer

Pleth, and .Buzz, are co-sponsoring the 2014 LaunchPad Business Startup Competition here in Conway that will ring in the festivities leading up to Toad Suck Daze. The winner of the start-up competition will receive a cash prize of $15,000.00 to help bring their product or service to market --but that's not even the big news... are you ready for … [Read more...]

Coming Soon: Cotton.Buzz!

Just wanted to give everyone a notice that in the next few days this website:, is going to be going away (and will be redirected) to my new website, So, in a nutshell, if you have bookmarked, nothing is going to happen, you will just be redirected to when you pull up my website, … [Read more...]

Crowbar Russell from ‘Clash of the Ozarks’ on Discovery in Conway on April 15th…

Crowbar Russell from 'Clash of the Ozarks' on Discovery will be in Conway on April 15th to attend the 1st Annual .Buzz Bash on the campus of UCA. Actually, there's a little more to the story, Crowbar will be announcing the launch of his new website, Crowbar.Buzz, which should be online in the next month or so (details are still be worked out), but … [Read more...]

.buzz Launch Party – April 15, 2014

I haven't been blogging a lot recently because I've been way to busy! I promise to work on that in the near future but in the meantime I wanted to update everyone on a few things related to .buzz, the TLD being launched by dotStrategy (from right here in Conway, Arkansas). My good friend Bill has had several really cool announcements lately .buzz … [Read more...]

Something Big is Buzzing…

Yesterday I had the privilege of doing a phone interview with the Wall Street Journal about a big start-up that's getting ready to launch from right here in Central Arkansas. I've been talking about .buzz for a while now because I've had the honor to serve as an adviser to this start-up, and having been in the industry as long as I have I can … [Read more...]