Rohrscheib Capital – August Newsletter

Cotton Defoliants Our procurement team has been busy sourcing the best deals on the market for popular Cotton defoliants; Ethephon (Prep), Thiadizuron (Dropp), Folex, Finish, etc. To get a quote, please call me: (501) 206-1664, or just respond to this email. FBN Profit Center & Grain Marketing Over 1,000 growers have already started using our … [Read more...]

FBN is Adding 75 New Field Team Members…

Our team is growing. Just the other day, our CEO, Amol Deshpande, shared that we are looking to hire up to 75 new field team members in the next 4 months. This hiring will be in all regions; Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kanas, Oklahoma, California, Texas, etc. If you are a … [Read more...]

Using FBN’s Data Product on the Farm…

While FBN has grown to offer multiple new products and services since I joined the team such as Farmer Direct Ag Chemical and Fertilizer, Crop Marketing, etc., at our core we are still a data company. Operating in the mid-south, where precision agriculture hasn't caught on like it has in the midwest, it's always nice to have a conversation with a … [Read more...]

Press Coverage: FBN Profit Center

A lot of really cool things happened this past week at Farmers Business Network. I'm so honored to be a part of this amazing team. I honestly learn several new things a day and have been blessed to be in an environment that I'm being "stretched" a little bit every day --but most of all being able to help equip growers with the technology and … [Read more...]

Farmers Business Network Adds FBN Profit Center, and Launches Crop Marketing!

Today was a pretty big day for everyone at FBN. A lot of people on our team have been working very hard for a long time on the all-new FBN Profit Center, our entry into Crop Marketing. This new tool was finally launched today (at no additional charge) to our members. I've spoke to probably two-dozen or so growers in the mid-south and they are very … [Read more...]

In-Season News & Updates from May 2017

FBN Crop Marketing… Launches June 6th.  When I speak to growers, one of their biggest frustrations has to do with marketing their crops. On June 6th we will be rolling out a new product for our members that I think will be our most disruptive product launches yet. Imagine being able to track your input costs for the season alongside current grain … [Read more...]

Farmers Business Network to Add 60 Additional Jobs Nationwide

I've never been involved with an organization quite like Farmers Business Network... I can't even think of a word to describe this machine (and I don't like machine, because it's actually people --really sharp people that are driven, and dedicated to excellence). Our vision is very simple, we exist to empower growers. We currently have about a … [Read more...]

Beware: Coordinated Phishing / Fraudulent Communications… #blondeboogerhand

Okay, so the past few days I've had friends (non-related or know each other, the only thing they have in common is that they are all successful, happy people) report that someone had taken their identity and used it to communicate with their actual friends in their network. If this was done via social media, like on Facebook, I wouldn't even be … [Read more...]

Farmers Business Network at Mid-South Farm & Gin Show!

Update: We will be located in booth #4016 on the mezzanine level during the show. Be sure to stop by and discuss FBN Direct and register for prizes! I just wanted to post a quick note to let everyone know that Farmers Business Network will have a booth at this years Mid-South Farm & Gin Show on March 3-4 in Memphis. At this time I'm not sure … [Read more...]

The 17th Annual Governor’s Cup Startup Competition!

I'm honored to have been asked to judge this years 17th Annual Governor's Cup Startup Competition. I was also a judge in last years competition and we had a blast and heard from a lot of great teams. This year we have received 45 Intents to Compete from 10 universities, and five of those teams will also be competing in the Agriculture … [Read more...]