Pitching His Tents…

Someone sent me this one a while back, this preacher tries to recover from a slip of the tongue and it never really does happen for him... … [Read more...]

Nextel Dance Party Commercial

Probably next to the Cavemen Commercials from Geico in my all-time favorite list of television commercials would have to be the Nextel Dance Party Commercial.  This is soooooo my business partners and I on any given day.  The two guys up dancing would be Greg and I and the dude walking in all serious and stressed out would have to be Kegal.  I can … [Read more...]

Stomping Grapes

Someone sent me this a while back and it's still pretty funny to look back on, although I am pretty sure that this news reporter missed a few days work over this nasty spill. … [Read more...]

Man Chased by Donkey…

This is another classic that I am not for sure where it came from originally but thank goodness it's now on YouTube to be enjoyed by the Masses. Not for sure what the guy was doing w/ his pants down like that unless he might have been pulled over trying to relieve himself, but you can bet that he now wishes he would have held it... … [Read more...]

2005 Christmas Letter

Dear Friends & Family,   We hope that our first Christmas letter finds you all in good health with lots of happiness this Christmas season.  2005 has been a wild year of change for the both of us, from the time we met it seems that we haven’t had a still moment.   Hopefully most of you were able to attend the wedding in March; it was great to … [Read more...]