What’s Different in Expression Web Beta 1

I posted a comment on the Expression Web Team's MSDN Blog about the Preview Pane missing in the Expression Release Candidate but haven't gotten a note back from them aas of yet.  Apparently they haven't got any plans on adding this to the Expression web product.  It's a shame because I could honestly see our firm using this development suite almost … [Read more...]

Men’s Room Ettiquette

My business partner sent me this one and I have sent it around the horn a few times to buddies, it's destined to be an all-time classic.  The funny thing about this whole thing is that it's soooo true.  The video however is a little harsh there at the end... … [Read more...]

Conference Call…

This has been floating around the web for a while now and is a classic.  This chick didn't know that everyone could see her on the conference call you will have to watch the video to see what happens next... … [Read more...]

2006 Christmas Letter

We hope that this letter finds all of you happy and healthy this Christmas Season.  This has been an eventful year for us, full of adjustments in our first year of marriage.  All of it for the good, we are both very happy!  We celebrated our first anniversary a little differently than we had originally planned.  We had wanted to go back down to … [Read more...]

Pleth makes Holiday Donation…

The partners and associates of Pleth Networks, LLC, an Arkansas based web-hosting and web development firm, have partnered with The Church Alive in Conway, Arkansas to help make the holidays special for a needy family in their area. The partners of Pleth Networks have purchased various food items that will be used in tandem with other assorted … [Read more...]

The Emperor Get’s a New Job…

This is an old YouTube Favorite.  It's a Star War's Spoof that's actually pretty hilarious, probably not in the league w/ the Farting Preacher, but pretty darn funny... … [Read more...]

Pitching His Tents…

Someone sent me this one a while back, this preacher tries to recover from a slip of the tongue and it never really does happen for him... … [Read more...]

Pleth Partners with ScanAlert (HackerSafe)

We recently partnered with ScanAlert, the company that handles the HackerSafe certification.  We are now able to offer PCI and HIPAA Compliancy through this partnership for our hosting clients.  ScanAlert has created a portal for us here: (see official press release below) Conway, Arkansas - … [Read more...]

Nextel Dance Party Commercial

Probably next to the Cavemen Commercials from Geico in my all-time favorite list of television commercials would have to be the Nextel Dance Party Commercial.  This is soooooo my business partners and I on any given day.  The two guys up dancing would be Greg and I and the dude walking in all serious and stressed out would have to be Kegal.  I can … [Read more...]

Pleth Launches EzCYA Storage Solution…, a Division of PLETH Networks, LLC has launched their website and service. At this time the website offers a simple description of EZCYA’s services and outlines their current pricing structure. “In the very near future we plan to add total automation to our offsite data warehousing business,” said Cotton Rohrscheib, Partner of … [Read more...]