HostingCon 2006 – Growing Trends in Today’s Business’s

Another very informative session at the conference for me was the Growing Trends session that was put on by a top representative from Hostway, Inc. They had spent a considerable amount of money this past year surveying their clients and identifying the top trends among todays businesses. I was surprised to learn that 43% of small businesses today … [Read more...]

HostingCon 2006 – SaaS (Software as a Service) on Demand

Don Best, from was the guest speaker for this informative seminar highlighting one of the most popular buzzwords of the entire HostingCon 2006 Conference, SaaS. SaaS, an acronym for software as a service, is basically the wave of the future for hosting providers. For many years the hosting industry and development community have … [Read more...]

HostingCon 2006: Disaster Recovery & Offsite Backups

Today, we got a headstart on HostingCon by registering for our meetings early. Since the vendors booths didn’t open up until 3 or 4 in the afternoon we spent the morning in sessions w/ speakers from different companies in the hosting industry. It was very informative and we learned a lot about what the market is doing and where it is headed. The … [Read more...]