Adding Color Content Boxes via CSS

When it comes to my/our industry, one of the coolest things to me has always been that you can usually sit down and find tutorials online to build or do just about anything you can imagine, and these tools are usually shared openly by other developers. A prime example of this was last week when I shared one of Brian Gardner's posts from … [Read more...]

Using CSS3 Gradient Buttons

Okay, so Brian Gardner shared something pretty cool on his blog the other day and I wanted to be sure to share it here as well because I always like referring back to cool tricks like this from time to time on client projects. Occasionally there are times when you might want to add a button to a page or post as opposed to a text link to draw … [Read more...]

Arduino Open-Source Microcontroller

Lately I have been doing a lot of research and due diligence for a side project that is a complete 360° from what I typically do on a daily basis. I won't go into any detail regarding the project that I'm working on because it's somewhat top-secret at this point but I will share something that is at the heart of the project, actually this same … [Read more...]

WordPress Plugin Release: WP-Pleth Branding

Plugin Description: I mentioned a few weeks back that I was going to start listing a few plugins and themes for sale on my blog for anyone that might be interested. Well, I haven't quite had a chance to bring anything to market yet that I would consider a "Premium" product so I thought I would test the waters with a free, yet functional, plugin … [Read more...]

Todays GoDaddy Attack by @AnonymousOwn3r

Today's GoDaddy outage may have been one of the largest web attacks of all time, definitely something interesting to watch unfold (especially since the majority of my clients don't use GoDaddy). My morning started out normally, I had a meeting around 11:00am or so and by that point I had just about made my way through the plethora of emails I had … [Read more...]

WordPress 3.4.2 Maintenance & Security Release

In case you missed it yesterday, there was a new maintenance and security upgrade released. Here are the details: WordPress 3.4.2, now available for download, is a maintenance and security release for all previous versions. After nearly 15 million downloads since 3.4 was released not three months ago, we’ve identified and fixed a number of nagging … [Read more...]

US Banks Beware, “Project Blitzkreig” is Coming!!

Okay, so this is a crazy thing that is developing in the world of cyber-terrorism with a lot of technical aspects so I'm just going to summarize. There is a "Criminal Startup" based in Russia, that's offering hackers from around the globe, a share in the revenue gained by participating in a mass trojan attack on US Banks. Something pretty common w/ … [Read more...]

Bug: Ether Builder – Leaking Drafts + Trash in Standard WordPress Search Results (Updated)

Update 08/23/12: I received a tweet this evening from Lucas that he had fixed the issues related to Wordpress search leaking content from drafts and trash. I have sent him some additional information related to the issues we've been experiencing w/ IE recently, I'm hoping we can get that resolved as well. I'm setting up an identical sandbox … [Read more...]

Mac Question: Is it Possible to Merge Folders Instead of Replace / Keep Both?

Here's the one gripe I have about the Mac that I really wish they would address soon. In Windows, if you have two folders or directories that are the same filename, Windows will ask you if you want to Merge the data in the directories together. In the Mac environment it asks you if you want to "Replace" or "Keep Both" (only if you copy / paste … [Read more...]

Ether Content Builder & Elegant Builder

Obviously there are times when it's very convenient to drop jQuery into a page or a post to present information a little differently. Well, as many of you that have tangled w/ Wordpress in the past probably are already aware, there's just not an easy way to go about this that can be passed onto your clients (or at least not that I have found -- … [Read more...]