Public Service & Appointments

Public Service / Appointments

Over the years I’ve had the honor of being appointed to numerous board positions for some great organizations. Below you will find a partial listing of these organizations as well as some of my community service history.

  • Greers Ferry Lake Tourism Association, President
  • Fairfield Bay Chamber of Commerce, Board Member
  • Heber Springs Chamber of Commerce, Board Member
  • Conway Area Chamber of Commerce, Board Member
  • CASA 20th Judicial District / Children’s Advocacy, Board Member
  • Deliver Hope, Board Member
  • RESQ International, Founding Board Member
  • The One, Inc., Founding Board Member
  • .buzz TLD, Advisory Board
  • International Fellowship of Evangelicals, Ordained Minister
  • SKYWARN® Certified Storm Spotter
  • FEMA / OEM: Faulkner County C.E.R.T. Team Member
  • Rackspace (NASDAQ: RAX), Customer Advisory Board
  • Southern Bancorp, HSC Panel Member (2yrs)
  • Donald W. Reynolds Governor's Cup Startup Competition, Judge / Panelist (2yrs)
  • Conway Regional Health Center / Community Advisory Board Member

Career History

To view my past business experiences please click on the years. For more information about my past work history please visit my LinkedIn page. For a listing of the boards and associations I've been associated with over the years, click here...


In 2017 I joined the community advisory board for Conway Regional Medical Center.


Farmers Business Network, Inc.
In 2016 I joined the team at Farmers Business Network to assist in the expansion of our all-new procurement business into the mid-south.

Farmers Business Network is an independent and unbiased℠, farmer-to-farmer agronomic information network. ... Farmers Business Network (FBN) utilizes data science and machine learning to provide members with unbiased and unprecedented insights about each of their fields, powered by billions of data points from our network.


Grainster | Conway, AR
I assumed the role of COO, Chief Operating Officer, of Grainster in 2015.

Rohrscheib Capital Partners, LLC | Conway, AR
Rohrscheib Capital Partners was established in 2011 for the sole purpose of pursuing investment opportunities and venture capital in the agricultural, technological, and healthcare /pharmaceutical industries. Rohrscheib Capital Partners, LLC is a limited liability corporation in thestate of Arkansas. For more information, please visit:

Discountabetes | Conway, AR
Discountabetes™, a start-up centered around an innovative piece of technology, the Embrace™ blood glucose meter which was invented by one of our partners, Jeff Weeks. We cater to a consumer base that has previously been ignored by larger, corporate providers in the industry in lieu of government subsidized consumers. Our target market has “out of pocket expenses” for diabetes testing supplies that are not covered by their current insurance plans. Our concierge service not only provides one of the most accurate, technologically advanced meters on the market w/ features such as bi-lingual voice technology, but it also has a value added service that delivers testing strips, control solution, and lancets to our customers doorsteps each month for a fraction of retail prices. For more information, please visit:


Grainster, LLC | Conway, AR
I’ve been involved with since it’s initial concept and have provided a wide variety of consulting services throughout it’s development. I continue to provide oversight and direction in areas related to marketing, information technology, and general operations. I currently serve as the "Secret Weapon"


Pleth, LLC | Batesville, AR
I co-founded Pleth, LLC in 2004 with Stephen Smart and Greg Smart. We are an interactive marketing agency specializing in High End Web Development, Managed Hosting, Business Class Email Solutions & Outsourcing, Social Media Consulting, Graphic Design, Print Production, and pretty much anything else related to the web.


Outsource, LLC | United States Virgin Islands
Was chief technology officer for Outsource, LLC, a United States Virgin Islands company that provided IT services to clients from around the world but primarily operated in the United States Virgin Islands. I primarily managed all web development projects and had the privilege of working for professional golfers, nascar drivers, and international corporations, fortune 500, etc.


The Protein Store, LLC | Fairfield Bay, AR
The Protein Store was an online e-commerce portal specializing in niche low-carbohydrate / high-protein food products. TPS was sold to Netrition Pro-Systems in 2003 and absorbed into their existing operations.


Asset Management Group, Inc. | Fairfield Bay, AR
I was the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for Asset Management Group from 2001-2006. My duties included overseeing AMG’s large corporate network as well as a T1 Distance Learning Center (partnership with AETN). I was also tasked with the development / management of AMG’s web presence during my tenure.

Powersite | Fairfield Bay, AR
I started Powersite, a web design & development company, to provide support exclusively to a managed hosting company, Utility Media. Being one of the first web companies in the state I was able to grow my customer base rather quickly. In 2004, Powersite was named “Best in Business” by Arkansas Business Magazine. In 2002, I acquired Webworks, an established hosting provider, and merged it with Powersite. This acquisition introduced allowed me to grow my business by providing Web Hosting.


IPA | Little Rock, AR
I worked w/ Internet Partners of America as a consultant / reseller and covered the Eastern Arkansas region. We provided the first ISDN and T-1 internet service to Eastern Arkansas as well as establishing a large dial-up business that was eventually sold to Earthlink.

  • CCCS Internet, Inc. | West Helena, AR
    CCCS Internet, Inc. was a side venture from CCCS, Inc. that specialized solely on providing / reselling internet service to a regional territory located in Eastern Arkansas and Northwest Mississippi.

  • 1995

    CCCS, Inc. | West Helena, AR
    I started CCCS, Inc in 1992. CCCS was one of the first true IBM Certified Partners in Arkansas, we would later become OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) after establishing several overseas partnerships with board makers and chip distributors. Our initial focus was to manufacture computer systems but that focus broadened to encompass networking and software application. We also specialized in RMS (Retail Management Systems) and MOMS (Medical Office Management Systems) aka Wyse Terminals.


    Cotton Rohrscheib Farms, Inc. | Oneida, AR
    Our family has been involved in row-crop agriculture (soybeans, rice, corn, cotton, wheat, grain sorghum) production for several generations and have also owned a Cotton Ginning & Warehouse operation, Trucking, and Aerial Application Business. Based in Eastern Arkansas we also own & operate multiple Beef Cattle operations around the state.